Strengh point


Our market is very attractive for all international manufacturers in the field of agriculture and poultry business and due to the existing tough competition; an expert team is needed for launching new products in the market. This will guarantee the real success. Accordingly Kimia Avard has set up a professional technical team to meet the goals. Several Veterinarians, Agriculture engineers and … are currently working in our technical team.


KIMIA AVARD believes that sales only happens by providing customers with truly scientific information and accordingly KIMIA AVARD has set up a sales team based on talented, high educated and customer oriented staffs. Below mentioned sales managers are based in the office in Tehran and manage area sales team in all the provinces.


Iran is a big country with 31 provinces. The area of the country is 1,648,000 km². Without a well organized and well equipped distribution network, it is nearly impossible to get considerable market share. We have our own warehouses in the North, South, East, West and central part of Iran, enabling us to cover all the market. To provide assurance that products will be available for immediate delivery at all times, KIMIA AVARD has the possibility of maintaining an appropriate level of product inventory in its warehouses.


Market predomination only comes with the certain level of knowledge. Through a decade of market study we are perfectly acquainted with market size, Market trends, Market Potentials, Market analysis, Competitors and related weakness and strength points and Customers demands. For your info just very small part of our marketing study has been attached and Of course for a mutual business cooperation, you also will be updated about the complete and detailed information.


KIMIA AVARD is a subsidiary company of a very strong GROUP, and during decades of activity it has been proved that KIMIA AVARD has all required financial support for International and local business activities. We have Offices in Canada, Germany and UAE and it has been indicated to all of our international partners that KIMIA AVARD has always been a thrust worthy and reliable collaborator.