Missions & Values

Kimia Avard Missions:

Broiler production in Iran has developed very fast in the last two decades to become the most important sector in animal production. The Iranian poultry industry which, with nearly 1.2 million tones of output, is the largest in the Middle East is ranked fourth in Asia and 17th in the world. It has moved a long way from the setting of the backyard to become a multibillion dollar business. Its output has increased threefold over the last decade alone. As trading branch of Kimiafaam group, Kimia Avard has been focused on connecting global poultry market with Iran market by Exportation of Kimiafaam, Afagh and other Iranian first class veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers and also importation and distribution of all veterinary products and raw materials.

Kimia Avard Values:

kimia Avard mission is based on Kimiafaam Group’s core value of customer orientation which is the focusing on meeting the needs of customers, local or international. This service establishes Kimia Avard’s specific customer satisfaction standards.